A different measure of the ride.
This is OMATA One.

This is OMATA One. A precision sports instrument purpose-built to not simply measure your ride, but to make your ride measurably better. By tracking performance information with greater simplicity and less distraction. And by providing a deeper connection to the brilliant machine that's propelled by your heart, legs, lungs, and desire.

Less distraction. More connection.

Unlike a digital screen’s ability to detach us from the present moment, OMATA One’s unique analog interface and oath to simplicity have been designed to enhance it.

Data Done Better.

OMATA distinguishes between data that optimizes performance while in motion, and data that’s useful afterwards. A quick glance at its hands shows how you’re doing, right now. ANT+™ compatibility with power, heart rate and cadence sensors — and integration with activity tracking services like Strava™ — lets you analyze your performance, later.

Analog. Like You.

Even in our digital era, analog instrumentation remains the most efficient interface between human and machine and is relied upon to deliver essential information faster and more intuitively. Ask a jet pilot or Formula 1 driver or neuroscientist: our brains process physical positions faster than they interpret numbers.

You move. It moves.

OMATA One’s core movement translates GPS and sensor data into the mechanical motion of its hands. Pedal harder, the speedometer needle climbs, and the kinetic link between your exertion and your bike’s propulsion grows. It’s a sensation that’s hard to explain, but easy to feel.

Measurement Units: Metric or Imperial
Dimensions: Diameter 62.70mm Thickness 17.2mm (20.5mm including mount interface)
Weight: 79g
Bezel: POM (Acetal Polyoxymethylene)
Housing: Plancast Plus 6063 Aluminum
GPS: 72-channel GPS/ SBAS/ QZSS/ GLONASS/ BeiDou
Storage: 4GB
Movement: OMATA and Seiko Precision Inc.
Other Sensors: ANT+, BLE, 3-axis Accelerometer, Barometric Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor
Font: OMATA Custom numeral font created to optimize readability while riding
Ingress Protection: IPX5
Data Displayed: Speed (0-65 MPH / 0-120 KPH); Total distance (1 revolution = 100mi / 100km); Vertical ascent (1 revolution =10,000ft / 4,000m); Time of Day; Total ride time (Hours)
Speed Accuracy: 0.18 KPH, 0.11MPH
Distance Accuracy: 2.5m, 8ft
Battery Life: 17+ hours
Charging: USB-C
Apps: iOS and Android (coming soon) optimized apps for reviewing rides, uploading ride data, calibration; compatible with STRAVA
Assembled: Oulu, Finland