OMATA One K-Edge Adjustable Stem Cap Mount

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The K-EDGE OMATA Stem Mount is a great upgrade solution for cyclists who prefer their computer above the stem. Mounting off of the steerer tube, the mount replaces a standard 5mm spacer, and is locked securely in place by the top cap compression system.

The adjustable version allows for a variety of different stem angles. Can be used with positive or negative degree stems and additional spacers can be added (5mm to 10mm) above the stem. Note that some of the larger computers will not always work with a steep angled stem.

Designed with mountain biking in mind, the K-EDGE Stem mount is also ideal for much more including: cyclocross; triathlon; bike touring; or if you simply prefer this position for your computer.

  • Compatibly – 1-1/8″ Steerer tube Diameter, Thickness 5mm, Length (Center-to-Center) – 50mm
  • Weight: 25g

Customer Reviews

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The K-Edge Adjustable Stem Cap Mount is fantastic and works perfectly.

I prefer that my OMATA speedometer to lay flat, therefore the mount could be a single machined piece rather than two part with the hinged portion. A single piece mount would be easier and less costly to build. I prefer the flat orientation as it is easy to read and it reduces windage. Any inclination to the speedometer produces parasitic drag that I must overcome with increased wattage and torque. It is the barn-door effect that I do not want to deal with.
If you build a machined single piece OMATA cap stem mount, I will buy and replace my hinged mount.

Thank you.

Just enough and looks cool

The K-Edge stem mount actually resides on my daily commute, a single speed. Having cross levers leaves minimal cockpit room, so this mount is just the ticket! The aesthetic fit's in with the design of the bike. It may well jump ship or cockpits to the MTB from time to time or at least I get another one.