About the OMATA Brand

An Instrument of Purpose.

As designers and engineers, we talk about products and experiences first. We’ve created a product where every characteristics, detail, material choice and function has been crafted, debated, iterated and resolved. That's what we do.

During our design process, we kept returning to the same aspirational goal; the OMATA One needs to feel and behave like an instrument. The OMATA One is not a piece of consumer electronics but an instrument.

This may sound either a little odd or irrelevant but to us, it is important. Framing the OMATA One for ourselves as in instrument helped us establish a criteria for decision making. This way we could establish what it should be and, as importantly — what it should not become.  The notion of an ‘instrument’, at least in our heads, acted like a filter, a decision making filter.

We often get asked about the history of OMATA, how we came to start this ‘crazy ride’ (intentional pun), the circumstances which led us to take the leap and invest time and money and emotion in building OMATA. As we tell the story - which we often say started with a sketch - it reveals the heart of what OMATA stands for as a Brand — this "WHY" we exists. 

Our Point of View

Which comes back to the that filter.

That filter is our Point of View on the world, on technology, products, people, priorities and how they relate to each other. It’s the foundation for OMATA as a Brand.

That POV did not start with a sketch. It has been honed over years of working in and around design, technology in commercial contexts, as university professors, as cyclists, makers, working alongside of some of the most inspirational individuals,  etcetera. It is the culmination of more than thirty years (that long!) of us collectively studying, building, failing, creating, learning and working on this stuff.

We believe the pervasiveness of technology and screens is distracting, but we don't think technology could on its own be "bad." It is when technology serves itself that the experiences people have with it becomes challenged. Just because technology can beep, or speak does not mean it should — especially when you're trying to a break out on a ride.

We believe that technology need not be something that succeeds by including as many features as possible. 

We believe that technology should not demand your attention for the sake of demanding your attention, or for the sake of serving itself.

That’s a strong point of view and an equally clarifying filter - right? Combined with our passion for cycling, we pointed that filter at cycling computers.

Less Distraction, More Connection

We designed the OMATA One to make one feel a different kind of connection — a connection to where you are at the moment, to who you are riding with, to where you are. A connection to the feeling in your legs, the sound of your breath, the rhythm of  your cadence, the pounding in your chest.


When you get your OMATA One, you are not just investing in an advanced instrument for your beautiful bike. You are also putting your point of view on design in your cockpit. You will get stunned looks, lots of smiles, pointing fingers and lots of questions. Let your friends know what you think, why the OMATA One represents something new, different — and a bit contrary.

But you will be able to let them know that there is a reason, an intentionality, a purposefulness to your OMATA One. As one of our first OMATA owners beautifully told us, unprompted: "The OMATA is an instrument of purpose." Which is lovely.

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