About Us


That’s Julian on the left and Rhys on the right.

We are a couple of designers, technologists, sort of artists — Rhys draws a lot and Julian takes a lot of photographs — that have a shared passion for cycling.

As a result of working at a variety of design consultancies, tech companies and universities, we have strong opinions about considered design and well-purposed technology. We love building products that are both valuable and meaningful to people, and that find a balance between performance and beauty.

We are building a brand based on credibility. That means we are who we say we are. No pretense. No clever stuff. Just a group of people who know how to make great products and who love riding their bikes.

We’re making a unique piece of technology for your bike. It’s not technology for the sake of it or because it’s the natural next step. No. We’re creating a product that prioritizes what matters most - the ride.

In time we will fill out this page with a little bit more of our story. How we came to commit all our time and energy to building OMATA, and what it took to get at least this far. In the meantime, here are a few images - remember Julian's a photographer - that were captured over the last three years, that give a hint as to what it takes to build very advanced sports instruments. 


OMATA HQ is a studio in the back garden of Julian's home in Venice, CA. That's Andrew on the left. He's an Industrial Design Jedi Master and has been - literally -moonlighting for OMATA since the start. We are eternally thankful to Andrew and his colleagues at Logi - his day job - for helping us out. 

We lost count how many prototypes we've made. From paper to plastic to functional prototypes. It's what we do, but also what it takes to build something so complex. 

In addition to Julian and Rhys in Venice, and Andrew in the Bay Area. In the team, we also have our Co-Founder Michael who'd based in Berlin. In addition to being an entrepreneur, investor and business strategists, he's also a historian with a seemingly unquenchable passion for military history. We used to work for Michael at Nokia/HERE. And finally Cary in Cardiff by the Sea who manages the day to day Sales and Operations.

We also have a small R&D team of ex-Nokia clever bastards up in Oulu, which is pretty close to the arctic circle in Finland. The company is called Haltian and some of us used to work together at Nokia. They are masters at mechanical and electrical engineering of complex IoT, GPS and all manner of clever, connected devices. Currently, all OMATA's are hand assembled just outside of Oulu in a town called Haukipudas, just ten icy minutes' drive from Haltian. That helps!

We're busy, but we do enjoy hearing from you. Feel free to reach out — julian@,  rhys@ or cary@ will get to us.

We are OMATA and we hope you will be too. 


Julian, Rhys, Michael and Cary.