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Julian in Omata HQ

Omata HQ



Welcome to Omata. That up there? That's literally HQ. We're a small operation — there are two of us: me, Julian Bleecker, in Venice Beach, California, and Cary Tatro, who runs Sales (and many other things) out of Cardiff, California.

We’re making a unique piece of technology for your bike. It’s not technology for the sake of it or because it’s the natural next step. Rather, we’ve created a product that prioritizes what matters most - the ride.

We're a federation of folks working together to create Omata. From our Industrial Designer Andrew Gartrell and Kevin Walker, who's a master machinist who has helped us in myriad ways, to Pepijn in Belgium who is working on the App, to all of our Ambassadors around the world. We are humbled by everyone who is helping us out for their love cycling and their love of what we're creating as a brand.

We're busy, but we do enjoy hearing from you. Feel free to reach out — julian@,  or cary@ will reach us.

We are OMATA and we hope you will be too. 


Julian and Cary