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OMATA One is a modern cycling computer built around the One, our patented digital-to-analog modern mechanical movement. The OMATA One translates GPS and other sensor data into precision rotary mechanical movement. As you move, it moves. You can see and feel your effort through the physical motion of dial hands.

We believe the analog presentation of your effort is much more in harmony with riding a bike. You push down on your pedals, feel the physical effort of your legs, heart and lungs — and your wheels turn as the OMATA One's Speed hand rises. 

Everyone who takes the time to ride with it agrees: it changes the way they ride. Read the reviews down below from your fellow cyclists who really ride with the OMATA One.

The OMATA One comes in two variations: Metric on Gray, and Imperial on White. Above is Metric on Gray.

The OMATA One shows five data sets on four digitally controller rotary dial faces: Speed, Distance, Ascent, Time and Battery Level.

With a forthcoming firmware update we will also be able to capture and record data from your ANT+ sensors, like Power, Heart Rate and Cadence.

Our OMATA Utility App (iOS with Android in public beta) allows you to download your rides, review their summary and easily share your rides to Strava.

Data from your rides are stored as standard FIT files, making the OMATA One fully compatible with an existing ecosystem of online fitness services like Strava and Training Peaks, as well as desktop training software.

Included in your Box along with the OMATA One is a USB-A to USB-C cable for charging (and as an alternative data transfer mechanism) and a K-Edge Pro Mount for 31.8mm Handlebar with installed OMATA Insert (Extra OMATA Inserts are available.)

All this started with a drawing. Read more about the OMATA Brand.

    Customer Reviews

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    Tachymètre pour vélo

    Omata a produit un "tachymètre" pour vélo: fantastique!
    Enfin un indicateur sobre et efficace!

    Omata, Omata “Let’s call the whole thing off”

    Beautiful piece...needs backlighting (yes I ride in the dark)...would prefer if the Speedometer needle started at 12 o’clock rather than 9...very easy to use...feels robust...highly recommend (but don’t chuck away your Garmin)!

    It's not a tamagotchi - it's an instrument!

    Never before, dynamics felt as souverain as this.
    Suddenly you won't miss all those extra features - features you never really used anyway. It is like switching from an Apple Watch to the Rolex Daytona.
    "Thumbs up" for this highly recommended shortcut back to the analog future...

    Watching the road and the scenery, not the screen.

    My Omata One has returned my cycling to me.
    I no longer worry about how fast I am going but about how much effort I am putting in. I don’t consider BPM anymore but I ask myself “can I push it a little harder?”. I still follow a training plan but I ride according to how I feel, as I did many years ago, before I had a ‘bike computer’. I feel somewhat liberated from the modern society’s expectation that I am always available and contactable. My riding is mine once again.

    Thank you Mathew! Well said.
    What a change!!!

    I have one of the early Omata units and it's been excellent in all regards. The ONLY change I'd suggest is for there to be a way to "turn it off" without zeroing out all the data. The updates to the Omata Program have been much appreciated, too.

    The best part is simply trying to keep the needle pointing straight up. Ride fast = Take chances (and keep the needle vertical). I've used it on multiple brevets and occasional 600 miles "races" - again, trouble free and not very distractive.

    Every time I switch back to using my (antique) Garmin I end up staring at it WAY too much of the time. With the Omata I can concentrate on riding and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

    James, Thank you for the review! This is good and helpful. I completely take your point about the 'zeroing out' aspect of the UX on the bezel. It was discussed and mulled over. The hope was that typical pauses during rides — coffee or the like — would put the One into its 'autopause' low-power mode and then subsequent movement would wake it up and it would then reacquire satellite fix and you'd be on your way. It's something we'll continue to refine and make better over time. Thanks again! Julian
    cool design

    the omata is a nice and well designed meter, reduced to the max. long battery life is definitely a big plus. what I miss is a watch that simply tells you the time of the day. you do not get much out of the app post ride.

    Thank you for your review! We are focused on providing you with a less distracting way of capturing and sharing your rides without the complexity of an involved App. We are definitely not an App company — we leave that to Strava, Track Your Rides and all the rest. Our ethos is to focus on what matters most during the ride itself — which is not an App experience. Ride now. Leave the data for later. I know — it may seem unreasonable in this era of digital screens and data analytics. But we believe in that so strongly that we're okay with being unreasonable. Enjoy your ride!
    App too simple

    App should be improved

    We deliberately made the App simple — and with only essential functionality. This is so you focus on the experience of riding, not being distracted with an App. We leave the more involved details, social sharing, Kudos and all the rest to our friends and partner at Strava. From our App, you can easily and simply share your rides to Strava — and then interact with your ride all you want!
    Omata One thoughts

    A beautiful piece, I am not missing my Garmin Edge 800 much. ANT+ would be nice to get a better speed reading. After a wet ride the bezel can get a bit crunchy. Like the look of the app, but a little more info would be nice. Strava takes care of most of that but I prefer to not use Strava.
    Nice piece of kit!

    Form meets function

    I've been riding with my Omata one kph for about a month now. I love the clean simple style but alsoknowing that behind that awesome dial is all the electronic functionality I need. I solved the one small personal gripe of no time of day by installing a mount for my Liv GX1 which matches perfectly. You guys should get together for a collaboration both being California based!
    Can't comment on the app as I have an android phone but have manually uploaded the files to Strava and that works ok. Also hanging out for the firmware upgrade so I can record other ant+ data for later review.
    Overall loving the product.

    Awesome Instrument!!!

    The OMATA One KPH gray is tremendous: precision, perfection, style... I chose the KPH even though I am American and ride in the US and normally accustomed to the imperial use of MPH. I chose KPH because of the numbering / secondary dial positioning plus I like the grey color background that makes it easier to read. The MPH has the some of the numbers cut off by the secondary dials, whereas the KPH has all fully displayed. Although I know imperial, I am accustomed to metric, so not an issue and the ideal number of 30 KPH, equivalent to 18 MPH, is exactly where it needs to be at the top - full speed ahead. I try to be consistent with the equivalent 18 MPH rides and the 30 KPH, although the same speed, provides for greater psychological impact, motivation and achievement. Man, I was doing 30 for the entire ride today...WOW!!! (not worried about the units of measure)

    Thank you.