OMATA One KPH (2020 FW)

OMATA One KPH (Metric Units / Kilometers / Meters)

OMATA One is a modern cycling computer built around the One, our patented digital-to-analog movement. The OMATA One translates GPS and other sensor data into precision rotary mechanical movement.

We believe the analog presentation of your effort is much more in harmony with riding a bike. You push down on your pedals, feel the physical effort of your legs, heart and lungs — and your wheels turn as the OMATA One's Speed hand rises.

Our new 2020 Firmware, you can capture and record data from your ANT+ sensors — Power Meters, Heart Rate Monitors and Cadence Sensors.

Beautiful on the Outside

The OMATA One shows five data sets on four digitally controller rotary dial faces: Speed, Distance, Ascent, Time and Battery Level.

Our unique rotating bezel is the primary mechanism for switching modes. Rotate the bezel clockwise to enter RIDE mode. Rotate the bezel counter-clockwise to enter CONNECT mode and upload your rides using our Omata Utility App.

Smart on the Inside

With our new 2020 Firmware, you can capture and record data from your ANT+ sensors — Power Meters, Heart Rate Monitors and Cadence Sensors.

More than that, the OMATA One is a full GPS-based cycling computer with technology that does everything you'd expect a cycling computer to do. It captures all of your ride data for sharing to Strava or your favorite fitness service.

There are plenty of smarts inside including an ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit MCU, U-Blox UBX-M8030 GPS, MEMS barometric pressure sensor and 3-axis accelerometer. All with enough storage to hold 70 years of rides — if you ride 10 hours a week for 70 years. In other words — it has plenty of storage!

Data from your rides are stored as standard FIT files, making the OMATA One fully compatible with an existing ecosystem of online fitness services like Strava and Training Peaks, as well as desktop training software.

Less Zoom More Zoooooom!

The OMATA One is designed for a world where we are inundated by digital distractions. Why spend more time staring at screens when the point of getting out on a ride is to escape the daily grind of Zoom calls? It's time to focus on what matters most.

Digital mavens — don't worry! The OMATA One tracks your entire ride — it just doesn't beg your attention with beeps and notifications. Much like your favorite mechanical watch, the OMATA One runs on while you enjoy your ride, providing a glanceable view of the data that matters most — SPEED, DISTANCE, ASCENT and RIDE TIME.

Data Never Looked So Good

Our OMATA Utility App (iOS and Android) allows you to download your rides, review their summary and easily share your rides to Strava.

Data from your rides are stored as standard FIT files, making the OMATA One fully compatible with an existing ecosystem of online fitness services like Strava and Training Peaks, as well as desktop training software.

Modern Mechanical Marvelous

An ingeniously sophisticated mechanism that couples digital sensor data to beautifully modern mechanical motion. So ingenious and clever, we managed to get it patented by the US Patent Office — US10053178

We call it "Modern Mechanical". Modern because we believe in the power of digital technology to transform and make beautiful things possible — we just don't like when it's used to distract us from the things that matter most, or coerce to do bad things. And Mechanical because we love things that actually move, especially beautiful mechanisms like bicycles and watches.

Only What You Need And Nothing More

Included in your Box along with the OMATA One is a USB-A to USB-C cable for charging (and as an alternative data transfer mechanism) and a K-Edge Pro Mount for 31.8mm Handlebar with installed OMATA Insert. (Extra OMATA Inserts are available.)

That's it. You don't need much to change the way you ride. With less to bother with and less beeping and data readouts to be distracted by, the OMATA One takes you back to the pure enjoyment of being on a bike without giving up the benefits of tracking your ride for later review.

Everyone who takes the time to ride with it agrees: it changes the way they ride. Read the reviews down below from your fellow cyclists who really ride with the OMATA One.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Hiroaki Shiotsuki (Setagaya-ku, JP)
Very Cool Gadgets but hardware quality is no good.

Good Points:
1) Unparalleled unique and Cool Design.
I think a best match Cycle computer for especially owner of Moulton bikes and high end mini velo such as Hi-grade Brompton.

Disappointments and Requirement :
1 )No lighting feature of night bike ride.
2) Included omata mounter for thick handlebar of only ahead stem and it is not adjustable for thin handlebar of thread stem.
3) Only connect method is bluetooth. Hope available USB connect by Windows or MacOS.

I received an omata of bluetooth feature dead as a dead on arrival.
Unfortunately, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, it has be impossible to replace it with a replacement unit for too long time. Hope spare units will be replenished as soon as possible.

I favor omata very much. I hope this product will continue to evolve in future.

Actually, it is entirely possible to connect over USB. Check the quick start guide or see these instructions:

Sebastien Schramm (Olivet, FR)
Beautiful but perfectible

I bought an Omata One few days ago in grey version (meters and km/h) with 2020 firmware. I managed to find a rare Omata One from a store.
A beautiful product (but very expensive) which is totaly different from what exists on market.
It works well (the speed precision is correct).
However, there are two points to improve (I put voluntary only 3 stars) :
1- The Android version (1.1 on Google Play, 1.0-alpha #3 in reality when I uploaded on a phone) doesn't work on a Samsung phone. I have the 3 pages (Omata, Rides and Settings), but impossible to upload the data of the rides and not possible to calibrate the hands (it takes so long time to search without functioning). Some informations (serial number, firmware version...) don't appear on the Settings's screen whereas they appear on a Apple phone. A better and functional version is absolutely needed du to the high price asked for the Omata One (lot of people use Android phones, even if iPhone are popular). I sent an email on [****] and [****] for this problem but without answer for the moment
2- The K-Edge insert is a good solution but the 2 small holes to screw it have not the same distance compare to a Garmin insert which looks like the Omata. Therefore impossible to screw an Omata insert on a Garmin support. A very simple solution consists to do slotted holes to chose the distance (like Garmin insert).

Conclusion : beautiful and rare but an improved Android version is absolutely needed du to its high price

Hi Sebastien

Thank you for the comments and the review! We definitely need an update to the Android App, I entirely agree. This will take some effort but entirely achievable. I do think though that this issue may be isolated as I have not received any other reports of issues with the Android version of the App. I will continue to monitor this.

- Julian

Frank Ditmarsch (Deventer, NL)
Fantastic GPS

Just installed my Omata One on my Wittson Illuminati. As an engineer who loves all things mechanical this is the ultimate GPS. If I want data during training I use my Garmin 530. If I just want to enjoy a group ride the Omata is my go to GPS. Connects with my Favero Assioma pedals and Wahoo HR monitor.

Urs Vonderach (Zurich, CH)
A plain and simple, ingenious device.

I love simple things in life and the Omata one is exactly my thing. It is so easy to use and the display shows what interests me. The data can easily be uploaded to strava and the trip can be evaluated.
I mainly have the Omata one on my cyclecross in all weather conditions and it works perfectly.

Thank you Urs! I love the video!

Wildan Anwar (Jakarta, ID)
Best cycling gadget

Very unique machine that prioritize looks without sacrificing the needs

日本から (Matsumoto, JP)


Christoph Schulthess (Zurich, CH)

fantastic bike computer, would never use anything else

JS Dumont (Ibiza Town, ES)


andy kee (Singapore, SG)
Great service n product

I would say thanks for the great service and unique product. Cheers. Thankz. Looking forward with many epic rides with the omata

Marc Reuss (Boston, US)

Amazing product. I’m a ‘techno peasant’ I’ve have everything linked to Strava and it works briliantly. It’s a source of pkeasure just looking at it!