A New Standard for GPS Bike Computers

OMATA One is a Smart GPS Bike Computer. It is built around the One, our patented digital-to-analog core. The OMATA One translates satellite GPS signals into rotary mechanical movement, so you can see and feel your effort through the physical motion of legible, high-contrast dial hands.

Connect to your OMATA One with our OMATA Utility App. Download your ride data and share it to Strava. 

The OMATA One saves all your ride data in the industry standard FIT file format, compatible with all of your favorite online fitness services and applications.

MPH on White. KPH on Gray.

The OMATA One comes in two variants: Metric on Gray, and Imperial on White.

Five data sets are shown on the OMATA One's four digitally controlled rotary dial faces: Speed, Distance, Ascent, Time and Battery Level.

You move. It moves.

OMATA One’s core movement translates GPS and sensor data into the mechanical motion of its hands. Pedal harder, the speedometer needle climbs, and the kinetic link between your exertion and your bike’s propulsion grows. It’s a sensation that’s hard to explain, but easy to feel.

With a forthcoming firmware update your OMATA One will also record data from your ANT+ Power, Heart Rate and Cadence sensors.

Less Distraction More Connection

Unlike a digital screen’s ability to detach us from the present moment, OMATA One’s unique analog interface and oath to simplicity have been designed to enhance it.

Your ride time is not when you want to think about your email inbox. It will never interrupt your ride by reminding you that you have a new email or text message.

The OMATA One was designed to respect your ride time when you want to clear your head — or fill it with good creative thoughts. It's a time to chat with your riding buddies, get connected to your own breath, the ache in your legs, the miracle muscle pounding against your chest.

Learn more about our design process and point of view on technology, attention and how we thought about these things while creating the OMATA One.

Data Done Better.

OMATA distinguishes between data that optimizes performance while in motion, and data that’s useful afterwards. A quick glance at its hands shows how you’re doing, right now. OMATA’s Utility App allows integration with activity tracking services like Strava™ — so you can analyze your performance, after your ride.

Data from your rides are stored as standard FIT files, making the OMATA One fully compatible with an existing ecosystem of online fitness services like Strava and Training Peaks, as well as desktop training software.

A Precision Sports Instrument

OMATA One is designed in Venice Beach, California with a ruthless attention to detail, material, color and proportion. It’s comprised of modern digital and precision mechanical technologies, including a custom movement developed in collaboration with Seiko. And each assembled OMATA One is meticulously hand-crafted in Oulu, Finland.

See what real customers are saying about how the OMATA One has changed their riding experience.

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