Designed for the Uninterrupted Pleasure of Riding.

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Smart on the Inside

On the inside, OMATA One tracks everything with the level of precision you would expect from an advanced GPS-based cycling computer. The OMATA One core engine is built around an ARM Cortex-M3 processor, U-Blox GPS and has integral BLE and ANT (meaning with a firmware update it can record data from external sensors), accelerometer and barometric pressure sensor. Charging the internal LiPo battery is done through an integrated, waterproof USB-C connector.

Beautiful on the Outside

A modern sports instrument requires a ruthless attention to detail, material, colour and proportion. We have pursued beauty through reductive simplicity, with an ambition to create an instrument for your ride. An instrument that shows what matters most while you’re in motion.
Our OMATA custom numerals, contrasting colours and tiered face; combined with our belief in the emotion and glanceability of analog, we have designed a speedometer that feels more connected to the kinetic efforts of riding and the natural flow through the topology of the landscape.

Data for Later

With its integrated Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities the OMATA One can pair and connect via our Utility App. This allows you to download your activities and upload them seamlessly to Strava. Or, if you prefer, you can connect to your OMATA One over USB-C and download your activities directly.

We are building a product that fuses the emotion of analog with the benefits of digital.

OMATA One Highlights

  • Modern Mechanical

    The OMATA One shows speed, distance, ascent and time. With our in-house custom numeral font, contrasting colors and moving indicator hands, the OMATA One provide a remarkably legible, daylight readable, and glanceable spatial display of the things that matter most while you are in motion.

    A rotating mechanical bezel is all you need to operate the OMATA One. Simply rotate the bezel to ride, connect or stop the ride.

  • Its Got GPS

    Inside we are combining modern digital and precision mechanical technologies. The OMATA One tracks your entire ride with its integrated GPS and a stack of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors, including ST Microelectronics’ barometric pressure sensor and 3-axis linear accelerometer.  This real-time data is processed by an ARM Cortex-M3 MCU, stored as FIT file data for later download, and translated into smooth analog movement via our custom Seiko Precision mechanical sub-assembly.

  • Designed for Performance

    OMATA One is designed with the same level of care and focus on performance as you expect from a premium bicycle component. This means it not only looks like it belongs on your bike, it has also been designed for outdoor active use. As you’d also expect, it is designed to withstand dust, rain, vibration and anything your ride may throw at you.

  • Records Data, Fits Any Bike

    All your ride data can be exported from your OMATA One via USB-C or our Utility App to Strava or the application of your choice. (We use the standard FIT file format, same as everyone else.) To get an OMATA One on your handlebar, we’ve designed a custom OMATA insert that integrates with a K-Edge Mount, included with your OMATA One. (Our insert will also fit any other K-Edge Mount.)

OMATA One Specifications

Measurement Units: Metric or Imperial
Dimensions: Diameter 62.70mm Thickness 17.2mm (20.5mm including mount interface)
Weight: 79g
Bezel: POM (Acetal Polyoxymethylene)
Housing: Plancast Plus 6063 Aluminum
GPS: 72-channel GPS/ SBAS/ QZSS/ GLONASS/ BeiDou
Movement: OMATA and Seiko Precision Inc. Other Sensors: ANT, BLE, 3-axis Accelerometer, Barometric Pressure Sensor
Font: OMATA Custom numeral font created to optimize readability while riding
Ingress Protection: IPX5
Data Displayed: Speed (0-65 MPH / 0-120 KPH); Total distance (1 revolution = 100mi / 100km); Vertical ascent (1 revolution =10,000ft / 4,000m); Time of Day; Total ride time (Hours)
Speed Accuracy: 0.18 KPH, 0.11MPH
Distance Accuracy: 2.5m, 8ft
Charging: USB-C
Apps: IOs and Android optimized apps for reviewing rides, uploading ride data, calibration; compatible with STRAVA
Assembled: Oulu, Finland

K-Edge 31.8 Mount And OMATA Insert

Each OMATA One comes in-box with a K-Edge 31.8mm mount and custom OMATA insert which will also fit other K-Edge mounts.

OMATA One in the Wild

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