Hurry Up Can Sometimes Wait.

Enjoy Your Ride. It’s Sacred.

OMATA Ambassador Mark Alford hootin’ it up on his flat bar Ritchey (@amarkallenalford)

Some rides are quick and breathless. Some rides are languid and laughful. Take your pick of one. Or make your mix of both.

We’re not picky. We’re not particular. We take our serious fun seriously. And we don’t expect you to ride one way or the other.

What we do expect — and this one is easy —is that however you ride, you remember, if even for a moment, the feeling you had when you first zipped down a hill and a buffet of a breeze blew your eyes dry.

Remember the first time the training wheels came off and you were free.

Remember rolling around in a parking lot trying to pop a wheelie.

Remember your first race — with the neighborhood rat pack — to the stop sign at the end of the block.

OMATA Founder Julian Bleecker making up time on his flat bar Santa Cruz Stigmata (@darthjulian)

Remember the giddy excitement and feeling of rolling around on two wheels.

Remember why we ride in the first place.

On your next ride, pause your thoughts for a moment and imagine that you weren’t able to roll around like that. That you weren’t able to enjoy the vistas, the views, the switchbacks, the laughs, the friends, the sublime exhaustion.

Remember that riding is sacred. Never take it for granted.

Have some seriously good fun on your bike this weekend. Share with us your stories, your photos, your recollections. We’d love to hear from you.

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