Measuring Joy

The true pleasure of cycling is not something you need a gadget to measure.

The wind tells you how fast you’re going. Your heartbeat tells you many feet you’re climbing. Your legs tell you how many miles you’re riding.

Most importantly, your grin tells you how much fun you’re having.

But there are good reasons to tally these things more quantitatively. And for us, placing a plastic-clad digital command center on our handlebars just wasn’t right.

So we created something different. A precision sports instrument that not only provides all the data you need (or at least think you need) with greater simplicity and less distraction, but more profoundly delivers something totally unexpected: a deepened connection to your ride that feels as visceral and kinetic as the connection of your foot to your pedal to your crank to your chain to your wheel. It’s a sensation that’s hard to explain. But we’re pretty sure you’ll feel it too.

At $550, we don’t expect that the California-designed, Finnish-made, detail-obsessed Omata One will make heaps of sense to the most rational of cyclists. But when you think about our sport — the unreasonably early mornings, long miles, challenging elements, painful climbs, and harrowing descents that we not only endure, but look forward to — you’ll probably agree that there are a lot of things about cycling that don’t make sense.

And that’s why we love the ride so much. Any way you count it.