This Is Your Cake


Meet Matt Stanbury. He's Glorious. He's also He's the legs behind this fabulous group of riders who believe that:

"Riding Fast is Fun. Riding Slow Is Fun. Riding to the Cake Shop Is Even More Fun."

We couldn't agree more — to all of those things.

Matt has been an unpaid, unprompted, unscripted fan of OMATA since he pinged us to say, "Whoa! Can I please try one out?"

We liked the Cut of Matt's Jib.

We were 😳 by the Ink on his Superhero Gams.

We couldn't believe how many hunks of 🍰he shoved in his mouth.

In a word: we were smitten.





Matt's been riding with is known in the trade as a "B2" — that's our second pre-production build. So, basically he was on our Test Team, whether he knew it or not. And then he started 'gramming like a lunatic, as someone who is as hopped up on sugary cakes as he is would naturally want to do..or naturally not be able to contain his exuberance about riding, cakes and ink..or something.

I think I finally shipped him a Production OMATA One. Can't remember. Probably. Doesn't matter. Matt's basically OMATA mishpocheh now.

Follow Matt for cakes, bikes and OMATA lovelieness at your own peril.

From the bottom of my cake hole, thank you Matt for your fun loving self. You make me want to ride my bike.