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Very good ...


no distraction - just ride

I like to save my cycling data on Strava, but was annoyed by the live segments and the Garmin peeps. Thrown away. Since the Omata I enjoy the rides, feel my legs, hear the quiet chain run.... no data distraction.... discussions with other drivers from "super cool" to "don't like me at all and it has too little data" ... perfect :-)

Old School Wins

I had been coveting the OMATA for a couple of months before taking the plunge and essentially buying it unseen, as we do online these days. It has delivered in spades, surpassing every expectation. I fell in love with the old school analogue display, and immediately felt as if I benefitted from the (perhaps placebo effect!) direct correllation between effort expended and the movement of the red needle to the right. It's equally at home on the road bike as well as on my fixed, which I had never ridden with a computer before 'cos, well, you just don't, do you? But the look of the OMATA lends itself even to a very traditional steel-framed fixed gear....I would still never put a more "traditional" bike computer on it.
The phone app is a little basic.....the UI is not my favourite, but perhaps this will evolve over time. At the end of the day it's certainly not an issue for me as a user because I load it to Strava and then review my rides there - the link to Strava works well!
Well done Team OMATA on a beautiful and practical design. A case of form meeting function....something that happens rarely today.

Thanks for the review! And yes — we have an update to the App in the works!
Fantastic bike necessity

Just what I needed to extend my analog bicycling with an analog-like (is it an analogue analog device) computer to track all the necessities of my biking. Distance, speed, altitude, attitude. The Omata is a great tool and one of the best bicycling investments I've made. And one of the best Kickstarter projects I've gotten involved in. Highly recommended.

Omata Analog Review

I have had an Omata One KPH for 9 months.
It is a delight to look at and simple to use (I am not a techie).
Charging is quick, over a 5-6' bike ride I may only use approx 50% of the battery.
The mount is sleep, discreet and very sturdy - despite bumpy roads it sits tight. Note if you remove the Omata from its mount mid cycle make sure you do not twist the bevel as you can inadvertently switch it off - grip it by the body.
Calibrating the hands is easy using the phone app and I find it needs to be done every 4-5 rides (I haven't figured out why).
I live in a rural area and it may take a minute or two to find a satellite connection - thus I switch to ride mode as we are preparing to set off.
The display and build quality is first class - the analog display is intuitive to the eye/brain thus not distracting one from watching the road.
I do not download to Strada (personal choice) but the app. has a quirky cumulative total when you connect (fun to see total distance, altitude gained etc...).
I have dropped it onto tarmac once (ouch) but no scratches or dents.
it is not the cheapest device but it is a quality piece and different.
I am very happy with it and it puts the O into the JOY of cycling
Photo is of the Omata in the Church of the Madonna del Chisallo (Italian Patron Saint of Cyclists)

I like it more than I should.

Simple yet bold. Beautiful yet not eye-catching. Humble yet proud. Add yet takeaway. The Omata is a something to covet, to cherish. I like it more that I should.

Just Bought and Tried it

I bought a second bike, specifically for Gravel Riding. I was a bit dubious about sticking a GPS device on it, but when I came across the Omata, I thought I would give it a try. Smart, Quiet, Clean and mainly out of site. Tried it today on a 42KM run and I absolutely love it.....Great job guys.

Excellent product!

I’ve only had the chance to use my Omata One briefly on a local training ride. Set up was easy and mounting the bracket straightforward.

Out riding, the speed and distance was easy to read, and all I need to know and, face it, the Omata One looks really nice!

Downloading was easy, and when uploaded to Strava, all the additional information was uploaded too (maps, average soeed etc).

Very satisfied. Great product.

they are so jealous!

Love it, and so do my club members, everyone wants one!

So simple and it works

After years of riding without a computer I started to hear about this new cycling compuer thing called Omata. I admit that I didnt really get it at first until I heard Rhys talk about what inspired its creation and it really clicked with me. Its a computer that gives you the same kind of info as an automoble in a single glance without having to read a bunch of digital mumbo jumbo, just some hands on a face like a nice chrono. This appeals to me and my sense of simplicity and then there's all the background info that you can access after your ride. The hardest part for me was choosing which model to get, miles (white face) or kilometers (black face).

I'm happy the folks at Omata thought of this as its a great departure from the rest of what's out there in a beautifully realized package that literally requires no set-up time and can be transferred between bikes with different wheel sizes too. So good!

"What! This is gorgeous!! I've never seen that before."

A common bout of excitement I receive when people see the Omata on my bike. The Omata is a piece of art that's functionality brings back the simple joys of riding. I use it on my gravel bike and commuter as a way to disconnect from technology while on the trails or heading into work before a long day of staring at a computer screen.

Love it.

I have been waiting for a bike computer that looks good and the orange speedo needle is the best! Keep up the great work. Thank you!!!!!

Analog Anzeige fürs Rennrad oder MTB

Tolle Idee vom Omata Team. Gelungene Umsetzung, ansprechendes Design und präzise Anzeige. Ein Hingucker am Rennrad!

Pure joy!

This product is exactly what I was waiting for a long time ago. I love the simplicity and the clear appearance. Nevertheless, it shows me everything that's interesting to know while cycling. It makes every ride to something special for me ;o)

Una Bella Esperienza

Sto pedalando da un po di tempo con il mio Omata one e ne sono molto soddisfatto !!! Oggi ancora di più visto che ho avuto il piacere di comunicare per il mio aggiornamento beta direttamente con julian che mi ha supportato in videochiamata !!! Top

Great looking product, well designed, efficient, and durable.

Well, I just got my bike back from the shop and installed the mounting bracket which could have a liittle larger circumference to accomodate my MTB bar (as the bar tapers, a nylon or rubber gasket would be better as well-aluminum is better than plastic however). I had previously installed the app an synched with my iPhone. Very accurate and simple allignment of the indicators accomplished easily. Took a spin around the block after acquiring GPS signal in about 2-3 minutes. Great improvement over my busy Garmin interface and far more ergonomic and pleasant to look at. I never use all those data screens anyway. Got back and dismounted, removed the unit promptly dropping it on the concrete garage floor! Not a scratch on the exterior but I had to check..rebooted flawlessly and recorded properly. Elegant design and sturdy construction far outweigh the need for all that clutter on the screen and stuff I never looked at anyway!

Beautiful back to the future!

After decades of multidata collection on my handlebars (powermeter, heartrate, maximum and average whatever…, you name it), I now enjoy cycling with a beautiful piece of technology that shows me just what I need to know during my ride with high precision and on an analogue display, something one is not used to see any more in today’s gadget world. Julian and Rhys have done a remarkable job setting up Omata with dedicated passion for details and for cycling; they are building a strong community that help them further develop this great cycling instrument. Try it out, join Omata; you will wonder why you didn’t get it earlier!

Outside is Analog

I'd been happily riding with my Omata One since the start of the 2018 season until one day it failed when I was caught out in a rainstorm. One quick e-mail to the Omata team, and a full, quick and easy warranty replacement was underway. But that's not the point. For me, riding has always been relief from the frustrations and dissatisfaction common to modern digital life. I didn't realize how much until I was back starring at that digital display of excessive data. When I un-boxed the replacement, I was struck by how much I had connected to the simple sweep of that needle. How it freed the ride, and freed the mind. And as the saying goes...when you free your mind, the legs follow. That first ride back with it on the bike was bloody fast! And good in all the right ways. Cheers Omata.

Omata Nirvana

Just received my new Omata mph by post. A real occasion. The simplicity and clean design extends to the no nonsense, ergonomic robust and recyclable packaging. It all says quality and good design. The Omata is a beautiful thing to behold, easy to use with clear analogue displays showing only the information you need - nothing more. First ride was a breeze - everything is intuitive. Adds to my ride experience. Boom! Now back and a thing of beauty on my desk

Amazing experience!

After my career Omata helped me to get back to what cycling is all about. With Omata only providing the essential information, I was finally able to ride my bike freely and without any thoughts of power outputs and cadences. I don’t think I could go back to having a power meter for leisure rides on my bike again. The feelings on the bike I experience now are why I started cycling in the first place. I am grateful to Omata for bringing back these emotions.

Changes the Experience

Ten miles into my first 50 mile MTB race, I removed the red Garmin from the front of my bike and pocketed it. It was raining, cold, and I was more focused on not crashing than winning. The beeping and flashing numbers (especially that auto-pause that occurs around 3mph) were doing nothing to increase spirits. After that ride, I found myself pocketing the Garmin a lot more, considerably less interested in the second by second progress of my ride. The blocky numbers did not seem to say "you are riding", but rather, "you are not riding hard enough". And while I missed seeing the data at a glance, it wasn't worth having the clunky red square on my bars.

When the OMATA was first on Kickstarter, I was intrigued. It seemed to solve my issue of wanting to see data without being distracted by data. The experience, however, is even better. Where a digital display seemed to scream the judgement of "you're not working hard enough", the smooth movement of the OMATA hands encouraged me to work harder, to push the limits of my body as I pushed the hands clockwise. The data no longer removed me from the experience, but rather became apart of it. I cannot recommend the OMATA enough.

Omata in Holland

The Omata holds up well on the cobble stone streets of Holland, although I have a Redshift stem just for those rough rides like in old fortress towns like Naarden Vesting, Weesp, Elburg etc. Highly recommend the Omata, simple but complex analogue. The app needs some improvement though.

Beautiful addition to beautiful bikes

As a coach, I always want to see data. But sometimes we can be overrun or held back by the numbers. Since the body follows the mind, it's good to be able to get out and just enjoy the act of riding. If an athlete has been doing all the right training and putting in the work, then they should know what effort they do on the bike will mean to them without having to always rely on looking at the data right in front of them.

The Omata is now my favorite way to ride without having the numbers right in front of me, and yet still getting the data I like to see later. I am able to see how off I was from how I felt, and how hard or easy I was really going.

On a more personal level I love watches. Panerai, Bell and Ross, IWC, etc. I don't have one of those yet, but I love basic analogue movement. Similar to my classic car, where my new car does just about everything better, the classic car has so much character, personality, and style.

If these are things that appeal to you, then the Omata will be a perfect match to your Pinarello, Colnago, or any other wonderful bike you love.

Nailed it!

my first impression was... wow what a piece of art! the pack arrived in a well thought through packaging, which is a lovely touch! I've used it for well over 1000 miles and it gives me all the info i need to know! it's simple to use! pleasing on the eye! Overall awesome, once you go OMATA you never go back ;)

Enjoy the ride, review the data later

On the back of my Omata One it says 003/200. Not quite the first KPH version to roll off the production table. I was taken by the concept as soon as I saw those first images on Kickstarter; backed it straight away; and then (im)patiently waited for its arrival.

Since then, the Omata One has been a joy to ride with. It acts a lot like a standard speedometer, and demands about as much attention. I find myself looking around a lot more when I’m on the bike - enjoying Sydney’s sun, water, and forests. I worry less about gradients, speeds, elevation these days - until I get the bike back into the garage and the ride uploaded to Strava. Then I can pore over things and see how I’ve gone.

Using the device is extremely straight-forward - it feels solid, has a few simple functions, and connects easily to both my iPhone and Strava... Its analogue lines complement the bike I ride (a custom-built titanium bike), and ramps up the ride experience several notches. In fact, the Omata is more of a conversation-starter than the bike itself - perhaps not surprisingly so.

Bottom line: I love it. One of the best bits of cycling gear I own.