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Oscar INFANTE (Marseille, FR)
Petite merveille !

Mais quelle belle invention! Petite machine Belle et Sophistiquée

OMATA Adventure Lab Musette Bag
j j (San Leandro, US)
Thumbs up

This Omata musette bag is the best bag I own. It has a strap and the sewing keeps it all together. It has a button too! So great. Worth every penny!

OMATA One KPH (2020 FW)
Hiroaki Shiotsuki (Setagaya-ku, JP)
Very Cool Gadgets but hardware quality is no good.

Good Points:
1) Unparalleled unique and Cool Design.
I think a best match Cycle computer for especially owner of Moulton bikes and high end mini velo such as Hi-grade Brompton.

Disappointments and Requirement :
1 )No lighting feature of night bike ride.
2) Included omata mounter for thick handlebar of only ahead stem and it is not adjustable for thin handlebar of thread stem.
3) Only connect method is bluetooth. Hope available USB connect by Windows or MacOS.

I received an omata of bluetooth feature dead as a dead on arrival.
Unfortunately, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, it has be impossible to replace it with a replacement unit for too long time. Hope spare units will be replenished as soon as possible.

I favor omata very much. I hope this product will continue to evolve in future.

Actually, it is entirely possible to connect over USB. Check the quick start guide or see these instructions:

OMATA Insert for K-Edge Mounts
Rodney Catiggay (Seattle, US)
OMATA Insert for K-Edge Mounts

Works as expected, fits perfect with my ENVE stem mount.

OMATA One KPH (2020 FW)
Sebastien Schramm (Olivet, FR)
Beautiful but perfectible

I bought an Omata One few days ago in grey version (meters and km/h) with 2020 firmware. I managed to find a rare Omata One from a store.
A beautiful product (but very expensive) which is totaly different from what exists on market.
It works well (the speed precision is correct).
However, there are two points to improve (I put voluntary only 3 stars) :
1- The Android version (1.1 on Google Play, 1.0-alpha #3 in reality when I uploaded on a phone) doesn't work on a Samsung phone. I have the 3 pages (Omata, Rides and Settings), but impossible to upload the data of the rides and not possible to calibrate the hands (it takes so long time to search without functioning). Some informations (serial number, firmware version...) don't appear on the Settings's screen whereas they appear on a Apple phone. A better and functional version is absolutely needed du to the high price asked for the Omata One (lot of people use Android phones, even if iPhone are popular). I sent an email on [****] and [****] for this problem but without answer for the moment
2- The K-Edge insert is a good solution but the 2 small holes to screw it have not the same distance compare to a Garmin insert which looks like the Omata. Therefore impossible to screw an Omata insert on a Garmin support. A very simple solution consists to do slotted holes to chose the distance (like Garmin insert).

Conclusion : beautiful and rare but an improved Android version is absolutely needed du to its high price

Hi Sebastien

Thank you for the comments and the review! We definitely need an update to the Android App, I entirely agree. This will take some effort but entirely achievable. I do think though that this issue may be isolated as I have not received any other reports of issues with the Android version of the App. I will continue to monitor this.

- Julian

OMATA Insert for K-Edge Mounts
Eufronio C. Samaniego Jr. (Brooklyn, US)
K edge mount

The item are perfectly fit

OMATA Insert for K-Edge Mounts
John Walton (Auckland, NZ)
Great service

Bought the Musette too

OMATA Insert for K-Edge Mounts
Andrea (Costa Volpino, IT)
Must have.

A must have for those who have multiple supports for multiple bicycles.

OMATA Adventure Lab Musette Bag
Tim Collins (Coventry, GB)
Musette bag

Really lovely bag with beautiful detailing

OMATA One Garmin Adapter
Frank Ditmarsch (Castricum, NL)
Garmin mount adapter

Nice little sturdy adapter that allows me to attach my Omata One to my Garmin mount (not the other way around). Since the Omata One does not have the possibility to attach a tether, I wrapped a Garmin band snug around the adapter to attach the tether for ease of mind. Win, win.

OMATA One KPH (2020 FW)
Frank Ditmarsch (Deventer, NL)
Fantastic GPS

Just installed my Omata One on my Wittson Illuminati. As an engineer who loves all things mechanical this is the ultimate GPS. If I want data during training I use my Garmin 530. If I just want to enjoy a group ride the Omata is my go to GPS. Connects with my Favero Assioma pedals and Wahoo HR monitor.

OMATA One KPH (2020 FW)
Urs Vonderach (Zurich, CH)
A plain and simple, ingenious device.

I love simple things in life and the Omata one is exactly my thing. It is so easy to use and the display shows what interests me. The data can easily be uploaded to strava and the trip can be evaluated.
I mainly have the Omata one on my cyclecross in all weather conditions and it works perfectly.

Thank you Urs! I love the video!

OMATA ONE K-EDGE Trek Madone adjustable aero VR-CF bar/stem Mount
Wildan Anwar (Jakarta, ID)
Best Cycling Gadget

Love it, no complain

Thank you for the feedback Wildan! Enjoy!

OMATA One KPH (2020 FW)
Wildan Anwar (Jakarta, ID)
Best cycling gadget

Very unique machine that prioritize looks without sacrificing the needs

OMATA One Garmin Adapter
Nathan Phelps (De Pere, US)
Garmin Adapter

A nifty little piece of kit that means I can use my OMATA on all my road bikes (well, except for my TT bike).

OMATA One Wahoo Adapter
Richard Arsenault (Rochester, US)
Omata Adapter

I have not used it yet but everything seems to work on both the omata and the mount.

OMATA One MPH (2020 FW)
Richard Armstrong (Newport Coast, US)
I love it

I love it, works great, looks great, and being
the analog nut that I am, I’m glad I stepped up
and got it.

OMATA Insert for K-Edge Mounts
Emilio Azcarraga (Alvaro Obregon, MX)

Love your products

OMATA USB/USB C Replacement Cable
Alejandro Mendez (Saint Paul, US)
Awesome service


OMATA One MPH (2020 FW)
logan hill (La Palma, US)
Logan hill review

Amazing rides using omata - Everything perfectos

OMATA One MPH (2020 FW)
Damon Bourne (Madison, US)

For such a "simple" device, it sure gets a lot of attention. I've been waiting for years for an analog cycle computer that was as cool as the speedometer on my Schwinn Stingray. Only took 40 years. Love it.

OMATA One MPH (2020 FW)
adam gorski (Saint Paul, US)

OMATA One MPH (2020 FW)

OMATA One KPH (2020 FW)
日本から (Matsumoto, JP)


OMATA One KPH (2020 FW)
Christoph Schulthess (Zurich, CH)

fantastic bike computer, would never use anything else

OMATA One MPH (2020 FW)
Patrick Glynn (State College, US)
Needs Tritium Hands

I like the product a lot but at this price point it should have tritium hands the glow in the dark all the time for 12 1/2 years.